I didn’t work last Sunday. Or the Sunday before that.

Between this past weekend being my birthday weekend, and the prior coming at the end of a nine-day drawing sprint, I made the executive decision to not open my laptop and just enjoy the day. Not like my boss was going to say no.

Except once that choice was made, I had absolutely no idea what to do. And James didn’t either.

Having been a firm owner since 2008, we’ve both become accustomed to me working a little bit most Sundays. In the past, that was the time to catch up on office management stuff or occasionally recording a podcast if I could get my old co-host to break away from her weekend for a few minutes. Now I’m just as likely to meet with a client or catch up on drawings.

But instead of doing any of that, I woke up confused about what the day was going to look like. What do most people do on the weekend if they’re not working?

For my friend Bill in Denver, Sunday is usually referred to as Sunday Funday. Text messages often are just photos of breakfast and Bloody Marys. Or news that he’s going to the beer bust at one of Denver’s gay bars.

In talking with other owners about my Sundays, I have heard something similar. Not the Sunday Funday part. Just the work part. One who sold his practice a few years ago is getting back to having that time for himself and his wife. Working on home projects. Getting back into skiing. Stuff I suppose regular people do.

For my recent days off, I did spend some time just planted on the sofa, binging some Netflix and napping a bit. And puttering around the house, catching up on laundry. I suppose I should have read a bit. Except playing mindlessly on my iPad seemed like a nice substitute.

However, while I was doing as little as possible, I still had this nagging feeling that I should be more productive. Go for a walk? Nah. This is the time of year me and the outdoors do not get along. See a movie? Not likely. The reality was that I didn’t have to do a damn thing.

James did his usual and made his Sunday run to the grocery store. He also made me dinner and brownies for dessert. You’ve seen the cookie pictures. Trust me. The brownies were just as good. At least one of us was productive.

But the boss man says I need to work this coming Sunday, so you’ll once again be able to find me in the office. At least until I’m in Denver the following weekend, enjoying Sunday Funday and wondering why I don’t do that more often.