It’s February, and for the first time in a long time, I’m back working in my home office, aka the guest bedroom. However, from what I can see outside the window, winter has arrived. Or at least some sort of winter, and judging from the ice on the driveway, this is the place to be.

To be fair, I have worked at home off and on over past weekends. But that’s the weekend. I can wander around the house. I’m not expecting calls and don’t have to check my e-mails. I can take a break and veg in front of the TV for a bit.

Today, however, is a Thursday, so I’m “at work” – except all I want to do is either curl up on the couch or crawl back in bed. Instead, I’m sitting here drawing, blogging, and wondering why adults don’t get snow days.

Oh that’s right. We’re adults.

Not that we didn’t get a few snow days last February. But who wants that kind of snow day? When you can’t work or do much of anything because you have no power and it’s minus one outside. Oof! We need the kind of day where 1) there’s actual snow instead of just ice; and 2) you aren’t going to snap freeze the moment you step out the door.

I’m also wondering as I sit here what genius decided a desk in front of a giant window makes any sense, especially on a day like today. Oh wait. That would be me. And any other time of the year, I’d be much more appreciative of the layout I devised. But I swear that temperature under my desk is about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the room.

And now I’m wondering if this is why, after only a few months, I am missing my office. Sure, I’m sitting next to a giant window. And by most afternoons, the temp in my office starts dropping, meaning I need to throw on my fleece pullover. But my toes do stay warm, and the Keurig is only a few steps away if I want something warm.

On the plus side, we aren’t spending this February wondering when the power and heat is going to come back on. Or if we’re going to have burst pipes or exploded tankless water heaters. Or when it’s going to be safe to step outside again. People up north can talk all they want about how Texans just don’t know how to handle cold weather, but that was just too much.

Which reminds me, I wonder when we’ll hear from my in-laws, asking if we’re okay and staying off the roads.

I wonder…