Fall is here. I know this not because the in-laws will be here soon for Thanksgiving. Or because we’ve just turned our clocks back. Or even because of recent weather changes. Fall must be here because I finally put on pants.

If you want to know what season were in, I’m what has to be one of the stranger barometers. Like waiting for the groundhog to see his shadow, just look at what Larry’s wearing, and you’ll get a good idea where we are in the calendar. Except no one tunes in to see my shadow.

As soon as it’s warm enough (Spring-ish), I’ll start spending my days in shorts. Even if the occasional morning is still a bit nippy. But then we hit that moment where I look at the forecast and with a bit of a sigh, pull out a pair of jeans and slip them on.

And I don’t know that I’m happy about that.

Not that I’ve always been that way. However, working for myself seems to have allowed me to unwind a bit. Or maybe after years of dressing “business casual” I just came to the conclusion that being a little more casual would be okay. I could always change clothes if need be. Then the pandemic came along, and I think most of us threw business dress out the window. At least from the waist down.

People at the last office would tease me during the spring or summer if I showed up in pants. Clearly I must have a meeting, otherwise I’d be strolling through the door in a pair of Chucks and cargo shorts. God forbid I showed up in slacks. Then something really serious had to be happening.

However, that was pretty much on the money. Besides, why would I set myself up to melt in the middle of the summer if I didn’t have to? Every architect at a summertime site meeting looks uncomfortable, and we really shouldn’t have to be. I know I can accomplish what I need to no matter what I’m wearing. And anyone wearing the architect’s outfit of black on black on black in mid-August is just insane.

So here we are. Summer has come to a close, and once again I’m pulling on jeans every morning. Which in the last week has come in quite handy as the temperature in my new office seems to drop in the afternoon. The one day this week I wore shorts I started regretting it around two o’clock. Then finally threw in the towel around 3:30 and headed home to start warming up.

Somehow, I shall persevere. As unpredictable as the weather has been in the last month (year), I may still get a day or two in before spring where I can bound out the door in more casual attire. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil will grace us with an early spring. Or maybe I’ll just follow the year-round fashion of James’ college roommate – soccer shorts, shirt, and a hoodie.

Except at some point during the winter, I would like to be able to feel my legs. Even if that means doing so in a pair of pants.