Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Or just a reason to celebrate? Christmas and Thanksgiving. New Year’s Eve (even with the hangover). And God knows a lot of us girls view Halloween as the Gay High Holy Day.

However, today this gay geek has a new holiday to celebrate. Or at least what I think should be a holiday.

It’s National Lego Day!! Someone cue the confetti and horns!

Two years ago, I shared my affinity for the LEGO Architecture sets and how I’m running out of room in the house. That hasn’t changed, and my LEGO collection continues to grow, even into realms other than architecture. But I had no idea there was a national day for LEGOS.

Had I not come to LEGOS so late in life, I might have been more aware of today. I also might have realized early on that architecture was going to be a part of my life. Surely LEGOS were a precursor to many architecture careers. I wonder how many parents have seen their sons and daughters playing with LEGO blocks and thought: Architect? Or Erector sets and thought: Engineer?

My foray into houses – and I can’t believe no one in my family put this together at the time – was Lincoln Logs. Yes. Lincoln Logs. I am that old. (And for you youngsters, give that a Google. Or just look in your parents’ old toys.) I remember always wishing I had a second set, as I could never build a big enough cabin. Still, I should have known something was up.

The question for today though is what to do to celebrate? I’m sure our friend Phillip, who adores cupcakes (and still stays remarkably thin), would buy himself at least one treat on National Cupcake Day in December. Although from his past Facebook posts, he probably does that most days. Much in the way Homer Simpson wouldn’t wait for National Doughnut Day in June.

Perhaps I’ll take a moment to peruse the LEGO site and see what’s new. They did come out with the Titanic. Over 9000 pieces and over four feet long. Then there’s always the Colosseum. Both sets which might get me and my LEGOS set out on the front lawn. Did I mention we’re running out of room?

Or maybe I will settle for something small. Just enough to satisfy the appetite without causing too much disruption. After all, it is a holiday of sorts, at least for me and for some of you. If so, hopefully you’ll take a moment to celebrate as well in your own particular fashion.

Happy National LEGO Day! And happy LEGO-ing!!