“What’s that? Six gay guys drinking vodka sodas and debating the best way to split a Lifesaver?”

Every time I think about The Big Gay Lunch, that’s the thought that goes through my head. All thanks to a particular friend who I can absolutely picture saying just that. Because everyone knows, the gays don’t eat, although my doctor and cholesterol numbers would swear otherwise.

Over the course of this year, I’ve been unofficially – and now officially – part of the leadership team for AIA Dallas’ LGBTQIA+ Alliance. (I know. It’s a mouthful just to type.) What that’s meant is getting together for the occasional lunch, dinner, and in one instance, a wine happy hour that went until 10 p.m. to talk about Alliance topics.

And to gossip pretty much about anything because we are architects. And architects love to gossip. About clients. About contractors. About other architects. We usually all have something to share. While our last dinner together was to go over budgets for 2024, we couldn’t resist updating one of the other leaders about a recent phone call. Always helpful to have the back story, and possibly a little extra dirt to share. Nothing unusual there. Just dinner.

However, somewhere along the way, in planning the next lunch, I received a meeting invite for a Gay Lunch Date. Certainly more interesting than just having the word “lunch” noted on your calendar. And as The Big Gay Architect, I was definitely intrigued. Fast forward and what was once just lunch is now being referred to as The Big Gay Lunch.

I’m not quite sure how that happened or who to pin that on. Maybe Paloma? Perhaps Sarah? Possibly me? I’ve slept since then. However, I did come back from New Orleans with a meeting invite for a Virtual Big Gay Lunch from Sarah. So anything is possible.

But the more I think about it, I’m wondering if perhaps The Big Gay Lunch is too limiting. Maybe we need to step up a notch and just start calling it The Big Gay Architect Salon. Would my friend Joe say that sounds bougie? Perhaps. Yet think of all the great literary salons, where people came together to discuss the important topics of the day. Except we all know better. We know literature lasted about two minutes before descending into the latest society gossip.

And I would expect nothing less of any architecture salon, gay or otherwise. Because we love to dish. Sure, architecture is great, but a tantalizing piece of gossip is so much better.

Sounds like The Big Gay Lunch crowd would fit right in.