Welcome to June and welcome to Pride month! That magical time of year where corporations will slap a rainbow on anything sitting still and even some things that aren’t. Also that time of year when the lunatic fringe lose their minds over those same corporations promoting the “homosexual agenda,” and in an added twist this year, grooming children to be queer.

Some groups decided to get a head start in the last month or so by attacking The North Face, Target, and Bud Light for their queer-friendly approach in advertising and products. I even read a story recently about Chik-fil-A coming under fire for being “woke” since they have an equity, diversity, and inclusion executive. I have a hard time imagining Chik-fil-A – well known for supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations – as “woke.”

Can you hear the eye roll from here?

However, as much as I’ve tried to brush this off as ridiculous, I did reach the tipping point this week. I came across a story about an anti-trans activist in the UK accusing LEGO of trying to turn children trans. He even went so far as to claim the company was making transgender building sets for the 5+ kid market. All over a marketing campaign in 2022. 

First – no one speaks ill of LEGO. (Except parents that step on one in the middle of the night. You are excused.)

Second – I have a hard time thinking LEGO is turning anyone trans, just as much as I have a hard time believing any corporation has an impact on one’s view of their own orientation or gender identity.

How do I know? Because 1) I didn’t grow up with LEGOs of my own; and 2) when I did play with them at friends’ houses, I didn’t end the day thinking “I like boys now.” That just doesn’t happen. And what’s next? My beloved Lincoln Logs? Erector sets? Putting pants on Winnie the Pooh in case anyone gets any ideas?

As silly as those ideas sound, however, I have zero doubts we will see less misinformation or attacks on corporations trying to market to a customer base they already have. I would be shocked if the tweets LEGO haven’t already been picked up by right-wing bloggers, podcasters, and media. Someone in the UK needs some attention, and what better way to get it.

Which means Pride month could be quite interesting this year. Especially if they don’t back away from my LEGOs.