Now that my Christmas shopping is done, shopping weather is finally here. At least for a few days.

Thanks to the polar vortex, temps have finally dropped into what I think of as “appropriate” holiday gift-buying weather. Not that I’m about to go out in it. Over the last week or so, my office has started resembling an Amazon warehouse, for which I will be eternally grateful. Like car mechanics, I truly believe God created online shopping so I could get what I needed from the comfort of my sofa.

However, in the pre-Amazon days (yes kids, there was a time the internet didn’t exist), I would – albeit reluctantly – head out to malls to do my shopping. As traumatic as that was, however, the times I enjoyed most were when the temperature reflected what in my head was Christmas shopping weather. The air was crisp, even when it was sunny. Maybe a little chilly breeze. Maybe even a little snow flurry – the kind that makes you realize it’s December but doesn’t create chaos on the road.

For me, that was the ideal gift-buying experience. Somehow walking around buying presents while wearing shorts and a t-shirt didn’t give me the festive holiday feels. It’s Christmas. I shouldn’t be sweating. I do that enough during the summertime.

On the other hand, I should count my blessings I’m not up north, trying to shop in two feet of snow. Because let’s face it, no one from Texas is prepared for that. I keep thinking with this drop in temps how lucky we are there’s no snow or sleet coming in with it. Shopping today and tomorrow would be challenging enough without worrying you’d be playing bumper cars at the mall.

This does make for good Christmas wrapping weather, though. Standing at the kitchen island with paper and ribbons everywhere. James banished to the back of the house so he can’t see what I’ve gotten him. Maybe enjoying some hot chocolate with a little extra treat in it. 

And of course, the dog standing there wondering what I’m making and can he have some.

Happy Holidays everyone!