I feel like the biggest dork. And not for the usual reasons, but because it snowed.

Obviously not here in Dallas. Snow in May would cause people here to lose their minds. It’s bad enough when that happens in March. I can only imagine the craziness that would ensue if a storm came through at the end of May. “Is this the apocalypse?”

However, in Denver, apparently that’s not such a big deal. Little did I know.

I spent a long weekend last week to hang out with our friend Bill. I was looking forward to the cooler temps after enough 90+ degree days to realize we might be in for a very hot summer. Not that I was expecting anything too drastic. Just enough cool that I could sit out on his covered patio in the mornings and enjoy breakfast without bursting into flames.

Then the text message rolled in the day before I left to check the weather. To his surprise, the high on Friday was going to be 44. And worse on Saturday. What?!?! What jerk arranged that? Did anyone give consideration to how much that was going to screw up my packing? Now I’m having to pack pants? How heartless!

That was followed the next day with the screenshot of the critical fire condition warning followed by the winter weather warning. I thought we had whiplash weather in Dallas.

Suffice to say, Denver did not disappoint. Friday morning I woke to rain and watched as it slowly changed to snow.

And I could not have been any happier. Or any dorkier.

I started with just standing at the sliding door and watching the rain and snow come down. But in short order I found myself stepping outside to “check” the weather. Like I’d never seen snow before. And doing it in shorts and a t-shirt because it wasn’t that cold. At one point I’m standing in the back yard letting it snow on me, because how cool is that?

Complete. Dork.

I didn’t feel quite as excited when we headed to dinner that evening and I had to throw on pants and a coat. Or walk across the parking lot at the restaurant getting pelted with snow. Made me realize quickly I should have also packed a hat.

Then the sun came out Saturday, and the snow went away as quickly as it came. But that didn’t matter. Because I got to see snow for a little bit. Long after I would have seen that in Dallas. And that made me the happiest – and perhaps biggest – dork in the world.