As many times as we’ve been to New Orleans, you would think we’d know what to expect from the heat and humidity. Except every time we go, we think (hope?) this year won’t be as bad. And every year we are just as wrong.

For this year’s foray, we were looking at a forecast with cooler temps in NOLA – like mid-90s cooler. Definitely cooler than the 105+ we were having in Dallas. Yay! We could do with some milder temperatures after this summer. But now I have a better understanding of “It’s a dry heat.” With so little rain over the summer, and walking the dogs morning and evening, doing so without the added moisture has been a plus.

However, when we got out of the taxi at the hotel and saw the giant auxiliary cooling truck parked at the curb, we knew we were in trouble. Not that the airport parking lot wasn’t searing, but it’s the parking lot. Nothing but concrete absorbing all that heat. Surely the French Quarter would be cooler, right?

Amazing the lies we’re willing to tell ourselves.

Stepping out of the cab, that NOLA humidity just slapped us in the face and made us want to be inside as quick as possible, enjoying the chilly lobby while we worked on getting checked in. And that was a treat, but we knew we were definitely in trouble.

We have been enough times to know that packing two changes of clothes was a necessity. Or sometimes a little more just to be safe. Knowledge which came in handy on Sunday as I burned through two shirts in four hours. Yuck!

None of which kept us from still walking all over the Quarter, wandering in and out of shops and galleries. Sometimes just for the air conditioning. Although in one instance, we did end up purchasing some art. So I guess from a weather perspective, having good AC is a plus for business owners.

Which I did appreciate on my first day back at work, standing in an unconditioned commercial space sweating through my shirt. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t have anything to change into. But oddly, still cooler than being outside.

I know for certain that we will go through this cycle again next year. Hoping with all hope the temps will be a bit cooler in NOLA, instead of just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

At least I hope.