My commute to the office is about to get a bit longer.

Apparently 21 months is my limit for working from home. At the beginning of October, I started getting a bit antsy about sequestering in the guest room and started thinking more and more that the time had come to find a place outside of the house.

As a sole practitioner, finding office space can be challenging, especially when you don’t require an entire suite. I started exploring some of the shared office spaces, including a new co-working space in East Dallas. I don’t need a lot of room. Just a space that was mine and didn’t contain a queen mattress and box springs.

However, once you got past the cost, every space still felt isolated. You’re working around a lot of people, but you don’t know any of those people. One office offered an interior corner office that was glass on two sides so I suppose you would get to know everyone around you really quick. But at the same time, how do you get past that feeling of being in a fish bowl?

Plus someone felt he needed a window. 👋🏼

Lucky for me, my office experience is somewhat coming full circle. In 2016, when I struck out on my own, my first space was a sublet in a suite shared by my accountant and a couple of others. Now, my new office will once again be part of my accountant’s office. And I have a window! Unfortunately, since my time there, they’ve moved buildings. Which means I won’t be returning to the land of hot engineers.

But lack of hot engineers aside, I am looking forward to sharing space with them again. I already know my suitemates. I get to be around other people and have that energy, although I may have to work from home a little during the frenetic tax season. I’ll have a space that’s just my office. And even better, I can separate my work from my home. One thing no one tells you about working from home is how easy it is to keep working just because you don’t have to go far to make that happen. Just step across the hall.

Which in some ways is one of those things I am going to miss. Not working extra just because I can, but having that short commute of walking down the hall and plugging in for the day. Especially on those days when you don’t feel quite ready for prime time. No one’s going to judge me (okay, James might) for sitting at my desk in my pajama bottoms with my hair a mess, checking e-mails, and thinking maybe I should at least brush my teeth.

Yet I know I’m going to miss my current work crew, even though Boo does bark at me from time to time. And something tells me that there will be some adjustment on their end. With me leaving for the office again, I can’t help but wonder if Boo will start leaving my underwear at the front door. (Yes, that’s a real thing I’ll save for another day.)

So some adjusting will need to be made all around, especially after such a long period together. I am keeping a desk at the house so I don’t have to run to the office every day or stay late if I find myself needing to work a bit extra.

Or if I decide I just need a shorter commute.