This isn’t another blog post about me barreling down a flight of stairs. And wouldn’t it be sad if it was? Instead of writing about another injury, I’m sitting at my desk, staring out the window, and wondering exactly when fall is going to arrive.

Our local weather guy teased us with cooler temps this week and some rain, but I have yet to see either. When you wander outside in the afternoon and it’s 90 degrees, that’s not fall. That’s just mean. Oddly enough, this summer wasn’t the type where you were just begging for anything under 100. By Texas standards, it was pretty mild. But for some reason, I’m just ready for something else.

Not that we aren’t seeing some hints of fall. You can’t go anywhere at the moment without seeing something that’s pumpkin-spice flavored, including things that shouldn’t be. Tea. Cereal. Ramen noodles (why?). Pickles. Bud Light Seltzer (again, why?). I stopped for gas last week and was accosted with an ad at the pump for pumpkin stuffed pretzels, which the gas station suggested you pair with some Red Bull.

I almost threw up.

However, bad pumpkin-spice-flavored foods aren’t the only sign. We’re starting to see Halloween decorations pop up around the neighborhood. Much like last year, a few homeowners are getting an early start. Which means it’s time for us to start walking the block(s) again to check out who is going all out this year. With everyone blocked in a bit last year from the pandemic, I think some of the neighbors went a little extra to make the holiday fun. Hopefully we’ll see the same this year.

We’re also still in the first week of the Texas State Fair – a sure sign that the seasons are changing. And an opportunity to try the latest fried foods. Just looking at the list is making my arteries clog. Country Fried Shrimp Grits anyone? Although I think my favorite is still the deep-fried butter from years ago. Definitely not cardiologist approved. Luckily the fair only lasts four weeks, so you have a limited timeframe in which to really up your cholesterol count.

For me, even though it’s fun thinking about all of the fried food, I’ll know fall is finally here when we have that first crisp morning. When you walk outside and it’s not so cold you can see you breath, but cold enough you think about putting on pants. Not that I’m standing on my porch in my underwear. I do have some class. But at some point I’ll have to consider wearing something besides shorts.

Of course, by wintertime I’ll be looking fondly back on today wishing for the 90-degree weather. But for now, I’d settle for just a little more chill in the air. And maybe a slice of pumpkin bread to go with it.