The relationship between the architect and the Realtor is really the relationship between the alpha and the omega. An architect ultimately begins the project – before it is even a project, rather an idea. The architect is able to bring the ideas and thoughts of a developer to life, where a builder can then bring those ideas it to fruition.

The other end of that spectrum is where we find the Realtor. Once that beautiful is idea is conceived and created, there is hopes that it will get sold. And someone has got to sell that house.

Enter Weston Pugh of UpdikePugh Real Estate Group.

Weston’s experience in real estate is second to none. His warm personality and “can-do” attitude carry him a long way toward satisfying his clients’ needs.  Weston began his career in real estate working for a local real estate office entering MLS cards into the master file and delivering the MLS books to agents. After college, he moved to San Antonio and got into sales in a variety of businesses settling in new home sales for Medallion Homes.  

He moved to Dallas in 2007 and met his current business partner, Jeff Updike. They began working together and realized quickly that they make a great team. Weston enjoys spending time with his brothers and sisters and the variety of niece and nephews. He also enjoys making and viewing art and working out.

LISTEN as we discuss business, HGTV and staging your home.

Still can’t get enough? Check out the Vlog below where Larry Paschall of Spotted Dog Architecture joined the cast of Weston’s Vlog, SOLD.